Yoga and relax in Tenerife

A perfect getaway in nature with Thai Massage and Yoga

Welcome to Tenerife Retreats

Hi! I am Giada and I am a Traditional Thai Massage and Yoga Practitioner and Teacher. I am also a member of THAI – Thai Healing Alliance International. During my years of practice, I saw the results of providing practical suggestions after my sessions to allow my clients to improve their wellbeing: Tenerife Retreats activities design is meant to give you the best of my learning and practice.

The program offers you a combination of effective complementary practices: Traditional Thai Massage, individual classes of tension release techniques, and group Yoga sessions. Individual classes and communication can happen in Spanish, English, Italian and French.

“What needed, when needed”. This principle is at the core of my practice: I engage with multiple techniques to anticipate what kind of Traditional Thai Massage experience could work best here and now. 

I can use stretches from the Lanna tradition, or a herbal hot compress, Jep sen or acupressure protocols based on Wat Po School of Massage, percussion or kneading. I can use thumb press, elbow, heels, or palm press. The list goes on.

Your session is always about what can be, in my knowledge and practice, the most beneficial tools and techniques for you. 

Your Traditional Thai Massage session might vary between 60 minutes and 90 minutes: I will use this time to provide the most effective session I can. Techniques, pressure intensity, rhythm and duration of the massage will vary based on what your body tells me about itself, and what you verbally shared with me about your needs.

In brief, you are not going to get two identical sessions, because the work is driven by the result. 

Yoga and Self-Massage

Self-massage, awareness and movement explorations are free and always at hand
as soon as you decide to use it

During your individual personalised Yoga session(s), I will share with you the self-massage and self-mobilisation techniques of the Thai or other yogic tradition. Group sessions are meant to experience the benefits of repetition, both short and long term. My objective as a Yoga teacher is to provide clear and guided invitations to simple movements that you can perform anytime, for free, anywhere. 

Already during this Experience, you are going to observe transformation in your range of motion and relaxation, which is common already after one Thai massage session, with the additional benefits of enhancing flexibility and strength thanks to the yoga classes. 

Once a fishermen village, El Medano is now a vibrant location in the South of Tenerife between two natural reserve areas.

Prices Fall 2020

Double Room

3 Days at We Love Medano House
4 sessions of Thai Massage
2 Thai Yoga session
Total price: €400

Single Room

3 Days at We Love Medano House
2 sessions of Thai Massage
1 individual Thai Yoga session
Total price: €300

Tenerife Retreats

A project by Medano Thai Massage
in cooperation with
Finca Lorearte
We Love Medano