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Thai Massage
self-massage classes

“What needed, when needed”

Your massage session are always about what can be, in my knowledge and practice, the most beneficial tools for you in the present moment. 

I can use stretches from the Lanna tradition, or a herbal hot compress, Jep sen or acupressure protocols based on Wat Po School of Massage, percussion or kneading. I can use thumb press, elbow, heels, or palm press. The list goes on.
Forms can vary while the objectives are the same: pain and tension relief, enhanced mobility, and improved physical balance.

Self-massage classes

Individual classes are tailor-made, and will provide you the self-massage and mobilisation techniques of the Thai or other yogic tradition that I consider most effective for your daily routine.
Group sessions are meant to provide the needed experience of embodiment and repetition that will allow you to choose the most useful exercises for a free and consistent daily practice.

The combination of massage and class that I offer is an excellent way to observe transformation in your range of motion and relaxation, with the additional advantage to learn how to prolong the benefits of the massage session itself.

Reviews of my work

Medano Thai Massage
Registered Thai Therapist by THAI



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